The Actor with the Loaded Starter Gun

by Ella's Brother

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We've been caught up in the race It's been this way for so long,
We're all in joint last place except the wiseacre ones
pulling the strings, dangling enticing things in front of us just close enough
that we can all get a taste enough to want more of the stuff,
it'll get you off your face the first time like falling in love,
enough's enough, oh but we all know that enough's never enough
but we'll never get the chance to take a bona fide bite

Flicking through eight hundred fucking channels when only four did suffice
What happened to fun with a board and some dice,
now we're the game I guess, and the stakes are all for real but just mean so much less
to the ones spinning the wheel while we're spinning in it

They can all bail at any time and just when the shit gets real close to the blades of the fan, they all throw the blame and make for the van,
leaving the rest us to take the heat and raid the land

I was happy on the island I don't know about you,
I don't need to know though and I don't really want to, it makes no odds, we're all stuck on this boat we may as well try and get along

We've been caught up in the race, stuck in this place for so long
we're not in any danger just been in the game too long, it's irrational
but we're all scared of the actor with the loaded starter gun


Written and produced by Ella's Brother
Bass Guitar by Gordon Burn
Mastered by Reuben Taylor
Cover photo taken by Leon Anderson



all rights reserved


Ella's Brother Edinburgh, UK

Hi I'm Ella's brother, I write and sing songs, I'm one of the very fortunate people to be able to do that for a living.

I make these recordings myself in a little studio I share with friends in Edinburgh.

For bookings please email or use the contact link below, I'll consider anything once.

I've set up a Twitter and Facebook too if want to contact me on those
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