Old Danny & Ali - Triptych

by Ella's Brother

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released January 20, 2017

Written and produced by Ella's Brother
Bass by Gordon Burn
Horns on track 3 by Kevin Tierney
Drums on track 3 by Jordan Harvey
Guitar overdubs on track 3 by Chris Finn
Engineered and recorded with Tom Kemp
Mastered by Reuben Taylor



all rights reserved


Ella's Brother Edinburgh, UK

Hi I'm Ella's brother, I write and sing songs, I'm one of the very fortunate people to be able to do that for a living.

I make these recordings myself in a little studio I share with friends in Edinburgh.

For bookings please email ellasbrother@hotmail.com or use the contact link below, I'll consider anything once.

I've set up a Twitter and Facebook too if want to contact me on those
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Track Name: Ali's backstory
Ali was a shy boy, he'd always been a slight boy,
he never was a fighter, he'd never had a father figure
he drifted through his school days
mostly going unnoticed like a ghost, just roaming
his only real friends went to different schools or were too cool for school, but Ali'd never break the rules
at 15 summers old, he'd still never been kissed, got pissed or missed a day of school
on his next Christmas morning he got something that brought out something in him that was hidden,
and in the new year the first thing that he did was take it downtown to a store
a store that had caught his eye
a store that he'd been intrigued by when he'd passed by with his mum,
she said it had been there since she could remember, oh Ali got to know the owner
Track Name: Old Danny's backstory
Old Danny wasn't always known as old Danny you know, when he was a younger man he was Danny in Danny Lightening & The Bolts, you never would've known

He played around the country in all the clubs and halls, you couldn't go anywhere without hearing his song on the radio, you know the one that goes "I left because I could not see my baby, I could not see my baby"

His success led to excess though and when he reigned it in he lost all of his confidence, he's not been on the stage since, he said he had to grow, he opened up a store

He fell fell in love with flo in the middle of a rollercoaster they married old never had no children
Track Name: Old Danny and Ali (Mariachi)
Listen to what i'm telling you
you don't want to end up like me
I was just like you not so long ago

I still had that gleaming in my eyes

alright then teach me everything you know
talk me through it blow by blow
can't you go up there with me?
you've still got something

Oh I wish I had've known you when we were both young

After much persuasion
Old Danny said he'd do the show
said I'll see you here at 5 next week
they both practiced all week long

When Ali got to the store the closed sign was on the door, but it was only a half past four, Old Danny had never closed early in thirty something years and he'd never been off sick before, oh Ali couldn't do the show anymore

You gave me hope and I got it all up, I couldn't sleep no for the rapid beating of my heart, Old Danny shut his eyes for the last time
and with that ended his bloodline,
Ali didn't know he just thought he'd stood him up, but he wouldn't though, no he's not like, that just then the doorbell rang and he's heart sank, he recognised the silhouette of a woman that he'd never met, he'd seen her pictures in the store and already knew the news she bore, he let her in, she asked if he could play for him one last time